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Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapy
Anatomy Trains for Movement TherapyAnatomy Trains for Movement Therapy

Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapy

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Get connected! with the whole Anatomy Trains package for movement teachers:

The best-selling Anatomy Trains book (3rd edition, Elsevier), lavishly illustrated, engagingly written, full of insights and practical applications stretching and stability, and whole-body strength. Includes sections on visual assessment in movement and posture, structural integrity, the correspondence between the ‘myofascial meridians’ and the acupuncture meridians, and an accompanying website full of articles and video clips to support the book. ***Please note that the edition pictured is the 2nd edition — you will be receiving the 3rd edition of Anatomy Trains.***

The rest of the package supports and expands on the book:

  • Fascial Fitness DVD – from Dr Robert Schleip, Tom’s partner in the Fascial Fitness initiative, the latest fascial research as applied to movement training and fitness conditioning. Learn about fascial elasticity and plasticity, neurology, remodeling after injury, hydration, and genetic types in fascia.
  • Fascial Release for Structural Balance (North Atlantic, 2010) is a technique book, organized by body region, with the supporting anatomy, many photos showing the hand and body positions, and when each technique can be employed.
  • BodyReading DVD set (3 DVDs) takes you through the process of visual assessment to make your session strategies efficient and connected, so that they ‘make sense’ to the client’s body. Tom leads you through the entire process with many models, and then you have a full DVD of postural and gait models with which to test yourself. The unique course will build a skill in seeing posture and movement you will never lose.
  • Fascia, Assessment, and Technique DVDs (3 x 1hr@) introduce fundamental concepts of fascia, build all the Anatomy trains onto a skeleton while explaining them, and give you techniques for opening and strengthening the diagonal lines that connect contralateral shoulders and hips.
  • Body3 (color version) is a regional anatomy book of common structural issues – from the feet and arches up through knees and hips, from the pelvis and abdominal balloon up through respiration, the shoulders, the neck and the viscera. Tour the body with Tom’s unique voice and story-telling abilities – it’s an easier way to learn anatomy.
  • Anatomy Trains Revealed is a 3 DVD atlas of the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians in dissection. A unique collection of narrated photos and videos taken from the best of our dissections over the last 12 years. Includes every ‘train line’ plus many extras on fascia, joints, the abdominal layers, details of the feet, rotator cuff, etc.


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