Opening the Breath & Easing the Neck


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Opening the Breath

Second in our new series of regional technique video programs, ‘Opening the Breath’ takes you on a tour of the essential motions of breath in the rib cage, spine, shoulder, and neck – and how to enhance those motions for both the inhale and the exhale to achieve a full and easy breath – which will only assist in getting other benefits you seek for your clients. This program concentrates on manual therapy, but has plenty of information and application for the movement-based therapist as well.

Each technique is clearly explained and demonstrated, with variations included, for your easy application in whatever practice approach you take. The techniques are also put together into a ‘session’, so that you can apply the techniques with an easy flow for best results. 2 CEUs (NCBTMB).

Easing the Neck

This Video includes an anatomy overview of the three fascial cylinders in the neck. The program than details assessments and techniques for the outer muscles – SCM and trapezius – as well as the deeper erector spinae, the scalenes, anterior neck muscles, and a detailed tour of the sub-occipital complex and their relation to eye movements.

Come away from this program with renewed confidence and inspiration in dealing with neck rotations, head forward posture, neck retraction prompted by fear, and those ever-present ‘kinks’ in the neck – as well as the ability to ‘put it all together’ in a coherent session for your clients. 2 CEUs (NCBTMB).

2 reviews for Opening the Breath & Easing the Neck

  1. Mary Ann Reynolds

    I found this DVD helpful for working on massage clients with both forward head posture and regular myofascial tension in the neck from sedentary work/lives. Tom Myers explains it well and shows how to do it. His warmth, enthusiasm, and sense of humor make it enjoyable as well.

  2. Andrea Humble LMT

    I was given the 2nd edition of Tom Meyers’ book, “Anatomy Trains” and became intrigued. After reading and checking out his teaser videos I decided to buy the “Easing the Neck” Download. The Download was easy and everything worked on my Mac. I started using the routine in my massages the very next day. My clients are very pleased with my upgraded skills and I am really enjoying the work. I then bought the “Opening the breath” a few days after and again was able to reproduce it after just a bit of practice. Very Intuitive and smart. I am waiting to see if the Pelvis DVD will also be available for download. I will buy the DVD set next week if that is not an option. So after buying both separately I thought I better save you the trouble. Just get all three.

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