Regional Technique Bundle

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15+ hours of quality instruction from Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains and master bodyworker. Designed to complement each other, this series gives you a complete approach to the trunk and foot and leg dynamics – at a level of detail and comprehension that will expand your ability to work with complex and long-standing problems and patterns. 7 DVDs in total with a value of over $300!

What you get:

Understanding Feet and Legs DVDs

A $99.95 value!

This 5-hour program works progressively though the anatomy, imaginatively presented in Tom’s inimitable manner – leading to strategies, protocols, and specific techniques to ease tension and improve posture and function. Work on the legs can have surprising beneficial effects in the low-back, mid-back, and neck. Get a ‘leg-up’ with Tom’s 40 years of experience, making it easy for you to make effective change safely and confidently.

Balancing the Pelvis DVDs

A $119.95 value!

Expand your grasp of the pelvis in all its complexity! Tom Myers presents his unique take on pelvic anatomy and SI joint dynamics, and takes us on a systematic tour of the 20 ‘myofascial units’ (muscles) surrounding the pelvis, demonstrating and explaining the anatomy, the approach, and Fascial Release techniques.

Opening the Breath DVD

A $44.95 value!

‘Opening the Breath’ takes you on a tour of the essential motions of breath in the rib cage, spine, shoulder, and neck – and how to enhance those motions for both the inhale and the exhale to achieve a full and easy breath – which will only assist in getting other benefits you seek for your clients.

Easing the Neck DVD

A $44.95 value!

This DVD includes an anatomy overview of the three fascial cylinders in the neck. Come away from this program with renewed confidence and inspiration in dealing with neck rotations, head forward posture, neck retraction prompted by fear, and those ever-present ‘kinks’ in the neck – as well as the ability to ‘put it all together’ in a coherent session for your clients.