Understanding Feet and Legs


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Your feet and legs are the basis of your under-standing! Take a tour with Tom Myers through the intricate anatomy of the four foot arches, the lower leg muscles and bones, and the relationship from ankle to knee to hip. Learn to deal with both pronated and supinated feet; learn how the arches respond dynamically in gait; learn to unravel complex rotations in the leg with Tom’s unique Fascial Release Techniques.

This 5-hour program works progressively though the anatomy, imaginatively presented in Tom’s inimitable manner – leading to strategies, protocols, and specific techniques to ease tension and improve posture and function. Work on the legs can have surprising beneficial effects in the low-back, mid-back, and neck. Get a ‘leg-up’ with Tom’s 40 years of experience, making it easy for you to make effective change safely and confidently.

Includes techniques for:

  • Plantar fascia and intrinsic foot tissues
  • All four compartments and all 10 muscles of the lower leg
  • Easing structural tension in the knee
  • Easing rotations in the legs
  • Getting the legs and feet to support the upper body

CEs: 5 CEs NCBTMB, approximate run time: 5 hours

7 reviews for Understanding Feet and Legs

  1. Nancy Myers (verified owner)

    I am not done with it yet but I am thrilled with all the information. I totally understand what he is talking about. VERY well done.
    My toes and feet are so much happier.

  2. Elaine J Mccann (verified owner)

    This DVD is so informative and everything I wished for.I am a 2011 graduate KMI training and this info is the icing on the cake.
    Thankyou Tom 😊

  3. Elaine J Mccann (verified owner)

    This DVD is informative and has filled in some spaces.I am a 2011 KMI graduate.It is the icing on the cake.Thankyou Tom😊

  4. Michael Dennis (verified owner)

    I’m about halfway through disc 1. I like that its mostly Tom lecturing and demoing the techniques. Not a fan of watching students trying out the techniques themselves. Love this one!

  5. alan

    Packed with relevant and useful anatomical detail, practical and easily applied effective techniques and good old bodywork wisdom. A great DVD.

  6. Einar Fagerheim (verified owner)

    This is a very good source to learn about the foot and ankle. Tom teach in a very pedagogic way. Brilliant combination of anatomy, movement and treatment-technique.

  7. Stuart Archer (verified owner)

    Still working my way through. Good content, easy to follow and very engaging presentation- looking forward to future courses.

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