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Fascial Stretch Therapy


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Tom says: My friends Chris and Anne Fredrick – both KMI graduates – have synthesized their work with pro athletes into the FST system, which makes use of the Anatomy Trains myofascial continuities. ┬áThis is a practical and essential book for any kind of stretch therapist – clear, concise. and well-illustrated.

Fascial Stretch Therapy shows how assessment, treatment and training are used in a variety of common circumstances encountered in manual therapy and athletic training. This book describes and shows the therapist or trainer how to integrate FST in their current practice, business or workplace to enhance what they already do and provide.
Section 1 redefines, clarifies and describes the many layers of therapeutic stretching showing where FST can be most useful summarizes relevant evidenced based studies and cites scientific support giving the professional confidence in using the techniques covers specific examples of how FST integrates with many other methods used in manual therapies, fitness and sport training, rehabilitation and corrective exercise, movement re-education and motor repatterning. It provides specific indications and information on the most common diagnoses and conditions and how best to use FST.
Section 2 provides detailed description of the FST technique with many explanatory photographs. This book is excellent for manual therapists, bodyworkers and massage therapists, movement instructors, physical and occupational therapists, physiotherapists, athletic and sports trainers, fitness instructors, osteopaths and hands-on practitioners from all disciplines.


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