We invite you to join us – certify in KMI Structural Integration.

KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) is our most developed application of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians. Graduates are eligible for membership in IASI.

KMI satisfies your clients with changes you can ‘midwife’ in their body posture and movement. It is also wonderfully satisfying to you as a practitioner – KMI stimulates you intellectually, emotionally, and in the acquisition of technical skills for a career-long love affair with your work.

KMI is a series of 12 deep sessions that work progressively through the entire body to promote balance, ease, and movement coordination – as well as a vivid and accurate self-image through kinesethetic perception and myofascial release.

KMI is an art, science, and a practical application of structural bodywork. KMI trains you in a wide vocabulary of touch and movement skills. KMI is a premier training in Structural Integration – hundreds of practitioners across the Americas and Europe and Australia have been trained in KMI, with financially successful and spiritually satisfying practices.

KMI rests on Tom’s 40-year practice and his training with Dr Ida Rolf, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, Buckminster Fuller, European osteopathy, and various movement disciplines. Grounded in evolution, embryology, anthropology, fascial research,and the emerging science of bio-plasticity, KMI offers a rich playground for self-discovery. KMI can be used for rehabilitation, performance enhancement, or coupled with personal training, yoga or Pilates, or taken into more psychological or developmental directions.

KMI provides an ‘open inquiry’ learning environment, where questions and friendly debate are encouraged, all somatic modalities given credence and space, and various levels of learning respected. KMI provides old world craftsmanship and personal attention, coupled with 21st century electronic support for your learning.