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Epistemology and shifting perspectives in anatomy – from Tom Myers

“For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.” – Thicht Nhat Hanh We invite you for a special glimpse into our Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) classroom in Maine withAnatomy Trains author and bodywork pioneer Tom Myers. In this short…

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Tom Myers’ Interview with Aubrey Gowing

For our sixth episode of Therapists Together we are joined by a very special guest, Tom Myers. Tom’s Anatomy Trains textbook and charts are referenced daily by therapists around the world and his extensive catalogue of instructional videos make his unique approach to therapy available to all. However, Tom is…

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Tension-dependent structures in a stretch-activated system

Research on the fascial system – as busy as ever – is proceeding along three major lines: the chemical cascades involved, the interaction with our neurology, and the primary architecture of the network, in parallel with the practical studies in these pages that test particular methodologies in light of such…

Source: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

Author: Thomas W Myers


Tom Myers on the State of Massage and Bodywork Education

“This is an immensely rewarding practice. It will support you in your physical body (if you work with good biomechanics), your emotional development for sure, there’s plenty of intellectual stimulation in the field if you want it, not to mention a good financial living to be had from it—and you…

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Author: Tom Myers


Core Massage: Tom Myers offers an Elongated Definition

As this century turned, the concept of core and core massage became a thing for both the massage and movement worlds. It suddenly became imperative to awaken, strengthen and know about your core. Since then, no small amount of ink has been spilled to explain and expand what core is and why…

Source: Massage Magazine

Author: Tom Myers


The Secret Life of Fascia

Tom Myers is interviewed in this compelling documentary created by Bruce Schonfeld.


Tom Myers: The Century of the Body – Fascia, Yoga and the Medicine of the Future

The medicine of the future will have to focus on healing the epidemic of lifestyle-related diseases by changing behavior, says Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains in this interview. Yoga, bodywork and other therapies that tap into the transformative potential of the body’s fascial network have an important role to play…

Source: YogaU Online

Author: Eva Norlyk Smith


Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains, Pain, Philosophy

We get into various approaches & philosophies of working with pain instead of being confined by an over-simplified definition. We chat about timeless wisdom from various influential minds from history and how maintaining our body is nothing new necessitating the ‘latest’ technology and much more.

Podcast Name: Align

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Creating Change: Tom Myers on Yoga, Fascia and Mind-Body Transformation

Modern science is just catching up to the ancient wisdom of the mind-body connection and the effect that mental patterns (e.g., stress) can have on the body through biochemical pathways. Does this connection go the other way? That is, if mind affects body, is it possible to change our mental…

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Author: Eva Norlyk Smith


Discovered Human Potential – An Interview with Tom Myers

In his first Anatomist’s Corner column Myers wrote, “No matter who you are or what you do, your body is your dearest and most prominent tool. That is why we hands-on therapists create such close relationships with our clients — it’s because we work with everyone’s closest friend.” Myers goes…

Source: Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, October/November 2003

Author: Darren Buford