Simply Profound: Fascia in Movement with Tom Myers and Karin Gurtner




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Is your bodymind tired of sitting and watching endless zoom lectures? Let’s move together!

Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains and Karin Gurtner, author of Anatomy Trains in Motion, offer this webinar as an embodied experience of fascia in movement, using a dynamic 90/90 Spiralling Twist as the centrepiece. This seemingly simple movement provides access to how the two Spiral Lines interact, how the Arm Lines are integrated, and how the Deep Front Line can be “unwound”. It is a “simply profound” Slings Myofascial Training exercise that is neither Pilates, yoga, Gyro, dance, etc. yet it can be incorporated into all modalities. Because of its adaptability, it is also an ideal complement for bodywork sessions that utilise movement to extend the therapeutic benefits and provide tools for self-efficacy. You will leave this interactive webinar with a lived experience of enlightened fascial movement that you can use in your own practice, teaching, or coaching, guided by these two master teachers.

Run time: Approximately 2 hours, 20 minutes

Note: this is a recording of a live Zoom webinar delivered on July 25th, 2020


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