Science of Stretch: Anatomy Training for Stability and Resilience with Tom Myers

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The word “flexibility” is often associated with yoga. But what does it mean to be flexible? In this four-week online course, Anatomy Trains founder Tom Myers walks you through the latest science on stretching, including the roles that fascia and your nervous system play, as well as common yoga injuries and postural patterns associated with both stiffness and hypermobility. You’ll learn how to work with both in your practice, or with your yoga students. This course fulfills Yoga Alliance’s anatomy requirements.

We all have either experienced injury, instability, or tightness; or we have had students who have come to us for solutions for them. This course will help you understand the basics of stretch—what anatomical systems are in play. But most importantly, body reading and postural clinics within the course will help you start to identify postural patterns in yourself and your students and adjust what you are teaching in ways that will lead to integrated wellness.

Enjoy a preview:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of stretch
  • New science on stretch
  • The relationship between fascial systems and stretch
  • The relationship between your nervous system and stretch
  • How to identify postural patterns
  • How to apply these principles to asana

Each week you’ll receive:

  • Lectures that help you understand anatomical systems in the context of stretch
  • BodyReading clinics and asana practices that help embody what you’ve learned
  • Homework to prepare you for the next week


  • Two live webinars in which Tom will will present bonus lessons and answer your questions
  • A private Facebook community where you can connect with other course participants and Anatomy Trains instructors

Continuing Education:
This course qualifies for 20 non-contact continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance and meets the organization’s requirements for online anatomy training.

Course syllabus:

SECTION 1 | The Anatomy of Stretch



Where stretch happens

Types of stretch

Systems that inform stretch


SECTION 2 | Focus on Fascia

Fascial basics

Fascial genetics

Stretching Fascia

Stretch injuries, overuse, and underuse


SECTION 3 | The Neurology of Stretching

The neurology of stretching

Fascial neurology

Neuromuscular stretching


SECTION 4 | Special Cases and Body Reading


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