Fascia 4D

What is Fascia 4D?

In conjunction with ‘Fascia 4D’ in Australia, we are pleased to announce a new video product especially for personal trainers and movement therapists: The Fascia 4D workshop.

Fascia 4D Workshop

Now you can “attend” this very special workshop that couples Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers with PTA Global luminary and master trainer and rehabilitation specialist Ian O’Dwyer. Tom says, “I have never done a workshop that was so rich, so much fun, and so fast moving. Working with Ian – a real mensch – is a joy, and I’m pretty sure he feels the same.”

The workshop took place in Sydney in 2014, and has been edited down to about 15 hours of video. It is chock full of information on the body systems (especially the fascia, of course) and applies to all forms of training. Prepare for fast-paced fun that will give you new points of view on the body and on your work.
Fascia 4D Product Collection

Discover What You Can Learn About Fascia 4D in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

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Please note: This is a recording of a workshop with two leaders who tend to move all over the place spontaneously, so the camera-work and audio occasionally suffer. But also please note that in addition to the HD videos themselves, the product includes transcripts, and audio files for clarity.