The Deep Front Line: A New Concept of Core




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In this exciting new webinar with Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers, you will discover a new understanding of your core that is markedly different from the traditional focus often limited to the abdominal region. Through demonstration first on a skeleton and then on the human body, Tom navigates an anatomical tour of the deep front line, starting at the inner ankle and traveling up the inseam of the lower leg and thigh, through the pelvis and trunk, up the front of the spine to the tongue. In this webinar you will learn the relevant bony landmarks, muscles, and a new level of understanding of the importance of the deep posterior compartment of the lower leg, adductor group, pectineus, illiacus and psoas in helping to maintain a healthy balance with the diaphragm, pelvis, the front of the spine, the involvement of the scalenes and muscles of the neck, and leading up to the tongue. Join us in exploring the deep front line and a new concept of core!

Run Time: 39:59 – 1 CE NCBTMB


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