Rolling Along the Anatomy Trains: New Routes



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This first time exclusive program, previously filmed live, features Tom Myers and Jill Mill together in Jill’s LA studio (!) sharing inspiring lectures, innovative new rollouts, and informative self-assessments for the juiciest exploration of the neuromyofascial web in the following anatomical zip codes:

  • Where your walking meets your breathing – Balancing Quadratus Lumborum, Psoas, and Respiratory Diaphragm
  • Explore the dynamic “Hip Grip” of piriformis and psoas
  • Take a deep dive into the visceral connections of psoas, abdomen, thorax, and pericardium
  • Ride the Anatomy Trains Front, Back, and Ipsilateral Functional Lines
  • Fascial Hot Spots within the cardinal Anatomy Trains that weren’t included in their original 9-hour production.

Enjoy a clip from this exciting program:

With a combined 70 years of teaching anatomy and movement, Tom and Jill will share their own unique insights and embodied practices along with healthy doses of playfulness and body wisdom. Connect live with this pair and be a part of the alchemy in a movement lab setting that can help you expand your professional or self-care toolkit as you roll through these “new routes”.

Runtime: approximately 8 hours


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