Neurovascular Release™ Online – Level One – Live Online with Kieran Schumaker

  • February 22 – April 3, 2021
  • Online classes plus structured practice at home
  • This course is intended for Neurovascular Release.
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Important Note:

Start date is February 22nd or 23rd, 2021.
Completion date is April 2nd or 3rd, 2021.

During the weeks of March 8-13 and March 22-27 we will have no classes.

Tired of COVID and ready to learn something that will lift you up and liberate you from old, chronic movement restrictions? This is revolutionary, practice-changing work.

In this the seventh run of Kieran Schumaker’s new online training in Neurovascular Release, the four-week course is spread out over seven weeks. With two one-week pauses in the online class schedule, you can spread out your practice sessions. It is still an immersive training, but with a few “breathers” or less intensive weeks built in.

During these seven weeks, you will be learning how to create meaningful structural change for your clients through subtle manipulation of the neural and vascular networks. To do this through Zoom sessions, you will be leading your client through specific movements, with simple hand contacts, providing gentle stretching for the fascially bound neurovascular tracts. This course will help you to launch or enhance an online bodywork practice (so that you keep connected with and better serve your clients who don’t feel safe coming into the office), and the skills you are building throughout this training will profoundly change your in-office or in-studio sessions as well.

Through practice you will develop an understanding of the foundational concepts for working with neurovasculature, and you will grow your skills for freeing up the nerves and arteries that the neuromotor system may be protecting through “bad” posture. This work quickly improves quality and range of movement in small yet notable ways, gradually improving overall structural balance. During this four-week course, you and your clients will experience significant structural and functional change through small and meaningful increments—it will be a joy to help others experience and be an agent of their own transformation.

Learn to lead clients through a three- to four-session self-treatment series via private Zoom sessions. Cultivate your client education skills and your client’s interoceptive skills. Develop your understanding of the neural and vascular networks and how they influence structural balance. Liberate core restrictions that you haven’t been able to change through other fascial manipulation or stretch- and movement-based therapies.

You will be helping your clients improve vagal tone, reduce strain on the blood supply to the brain, emerge from an anterior head shift, open the breath, free the ribs for greater thoracic rotation, improve balance among the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar curves, and rebalance the pelvis. In the fourth week, we will also be balancing the jaw and freeing the hamstrings in a unique and marvelously effective way.

This immersive experience provides layered learning, as we alternate between instruction, class discussions, and practice sessions. You will have full access to class recordings for future reference. To supplement the twelve live classes and support your ongoing practice of this work, there are short technique videos for your review, recorded full-session demonstrations, and downloadable PDFs. Each student’s weekly investment into this training includes 4.5 hours for class, 1-2 hours for watching video recordings, and 4 to 6 forty-five minute zoom or in-person sessions with your clients. (For this structured practice of the techniques, you will schedule 4-6 people for a series of four sessions. At least two of these practice clients you will be teaching through Zoom.) This time investment is the equivalent of a 40+ hour training (more than five full days of class), but it is quite digestible because we spread it out over four weeks! This curriculum is designed to be experiential and investigative. The opportunity to share how your practice sessions are going, asking questions as they come up, will deepen your understanding of the applications for this work and will allow you to learn from your classmates experiences. The course is structured around a protocol that will eventually serve as a foundation for your improvisation and creative application of the techniques.

As with classic structural integration, this bodywork opens the door to change and transformation for clients. But this work is not just for structural integrators—other kinds of manual therapists and experienced movement teachers are welcome in this training!

Kier will be providing close support as you learn to engage and teach your clients through Zoom, and you’ll feel relieved and inspired as you discover that your current clinical expertise can express itself through this new medium.

Preview or register for the course at this link.

DatesFeb 22 – Apr 3, 2021
LocationOnline classes plus structured practice at home
Class Times

Three cohorts available to choose from:
Cohort A: M-W-F 8-9:30 AM Pacific (GMT-8)
(This is evening in the UK and Europe.)
Cohort B: M-W-F 4-5:30 pm Pacific (GMT-8)

(In Australia, New Zealand, and Asia this is Tues-Thurs-
Sat in the morning or midday.)

During the weeks of March 8-13 and March 22-27 we
will have no classes.
From March 15th onward, class will start at 8am GMT-7
or 4pm GMT-7, due to the beginning of Daylight Saving
time in much of North America (one hour earlier, for
those of you who do not change time).

Teacher(s)Kieran (Kier) Schumaker
Credits Earned18 CEs NCBTMB, pending approval; 18 CEs IASI Cat. 1
ContactKieran Schumaker
1+503-720-7403 (What’s App or text)

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