Anatomy Trains in Motion

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  • February 8 – 10, 2019
  • Lecce, Italy
  • This course is intended for Movement Therapists.
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Note: This course is conducted in Italian

Essentially Anatomy Trains in Motion is an anatomy course in which you will increase your depth of knowledge and gain a new perspective of Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept in relation to body-minded movement. The course is filled with functional anatomy, movement relevant information and practical applications that not only sound good on paper, but also work well in real life. Anatomy Trains in Motion lies the foundation for the Slings Myofascial Training education.

At the heart of the course are the myofascial meridians. Understanding the lines’ integral anatomy, workings, sensory qualities and relationships are invaluable for body reading, clear movement intention, lesson planning and teaching. Yes, myofascial meridians are so much more than ‘lines’ that can be ‘superimposed’ onto exercises!

The essential events of walking, or said differently, the necessary motions for engaging myofascial meridians efficiently in gait, are a theme that runs throughout the 3 days. All of the theory is “translated” into movement with lots of exercises, functional sequences and a specifically designed Anatomy Trains in Motion lesson.

If you love integral anatomy and want to gain an extensive understanding of the Anatomy Trains body map through movement, this course is for you.

In a Nutshell

  • Gaining a comprehensive view of Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept as a holistic body map for movement teachers.
  • Discussion of Essential Events characterizing ease and myofascial efficiency in natural movements such as gait.
  • Study of the Anatomy Trains lines’ myofascial anatomy, workings and sensory qualities. The Myofascial Meridians in focus are (Arm Lines and Functional Lines anatomy is incorporated):
    • Superficial Back Line.
    • Superficial Front Line.
    • Lateral Line.
    • Spiral Line.
    • Deep Front Line.
  • Exemplification of myofascial training considerations in general and in relation to each meridian.
  • Experiencing Myofascial Meridians in motion with specific exercises and movement sequences.
  • Experiencing scientifically based Slings myofascial training techniques enhancing structural balance through movement.
  • Participation and discussion of a seamlessly choreographed Anatomy Trains in Motion lesson in which all course components are incorporated, providing a complete body-mind experience.
DatesFeb 8 – 10, 2019
LocationLecce, Italy
VenueStudio Pilates Body Balance and Mind
AddressVia Raffaello Sanzio, 17, 73020
Castromediano LE, Italy
Class Times

9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day

Teacher(s)Maria Cristina Ferri
Tuition395 € / 450 € after 31 December 2018
ContactMaria Grazia Margiotta
+39 320 467 05 18

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