Maria Cristina Ferri

Anatomy Trains in Motion Certified Teacher

Certified to teach: 

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion

Maria Cristina Ferri became a Pilates Teacher in 2003 at the CovaTech School of AnnaMaria Cova after 15 years of teaching in the Fitness World ( Aerobic, Step, Fitboxe, Tonification, Spinning, Trx, Acquagym). She then earned a Full Certification Stott Pilates in the United States in 2007.

In Seattle, where she began her Pilates path and where she went many times to attend other monothematic courses, she met Rebecca Leone, famous PMA Gold Medal teacher, with whom, she deepened her Classical Pilates concepts and thanks to her she met Kit Laughlin.

Kit Laughlin is an Australian Stretching teacher ,internationally known and author of several books. Kit teaches this interesting method with remarkable turnout and he has gained great approvals in his country and around the world.

Cristina, along with another colleague, is the only Senior teacher in Italy of the Stretch Therapy method.

After an intense collaboration with Kit Laughlin, Cristina translated one of Kit’s best sellers (Overcome Neck and Back Pain) creating 2 DVDs in which she performs and explains the exercises in the book. Thanks to Tom Myers, the 2 DVDs have the additional influence of the Myofascial Meridians. Cristina attended the first Anatomy Trains Teacher Training in Maine in 2011 and now she is an Anatomy Trains Teacher (the sole teacher in Italy).

In January 2013 she went to Tempe, Arizona to attend a five- day Dissection Course (40 hours) with Tom Myers to strengthen her anatomy skills and knowledge.

Cristina’s training continues with the study of GYROTONIC®, where she’s a PreTrainer. She has travelled a lot to study the techniques with famous teachers such as Magali Messac in Seattle and Debra Rose in San Francisco. She has broadened her knowledge in the discipline studying various tools (Pulley Tower First and Second Lev., Jumping and Stretching Board and Archway), each of which requires learning courses.