Anatomy Trains for Movement Specialists

$400 / $350 by April 10, 2016

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  • May 14 – 15, 2016
  • Mt. Kisco, NY USA
  • This course is intended for Movement Professionals.
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Movement, Stability, Coordination – get your anatomy in motion!

Whatever your movement modality – yoga, Pilates, personal training, rehabilitative exercise, or dance teachers and therapists – Anatomy Trains offers skills that movement professionals can use to see their clients more clearly and work more effectively.

Traditional anatomy is so static, but humans are constantly in dynamic movement – Anatomy Trains gives you that transmission from muscle to muscle through the fascial fabric. Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains® weekend intensives are holistic, fun and very useful. The Anatomy Trains concept moves beyond mechanical “cause and affect” actions of muscles to the integrative relational connections of real-life functional movement.

Completely transform your view of myofascial anatomy and expand your ability to assess your clients’ postural and movement patterns.

Workshop Format:

The workshop is split into roughly equal time on:

  1. lecture/presentation of the concepts and the lines,
  2. BodyReading™ and postural / movement analysis, and
  3. stretching, “awakening”, and touch-cueing techniques from our (and your) movement education library.

This course helps you:

  • BodyRead your client’s postural and movement patterns with greater accuracy and integration
  • Gain access to effective treatment strategies for resolving postural distortions, which may occur some distance from the obvious site of pain or limitation
  • Enable you to make distinct changes in your clients’ movement pattern

Course Objectives:

  • Understand basic properties and connected nature of fascia, and tensegrity applied to fascia and human movement.
  • A succinct and relevant introduction to geometry/character of the connective tissue, and the topology of fascial planes
  • Be able to identify and trace the 6 major and 6 supplemental fascial meridians along which movement, tension, and postural distortion travel
  • Be able to BodyRead™ postural patterns based on analysis of Anatomy Trains lines
  • Apply knowledge to construct alternative movement strategies to help unwind and resolve the patterns observed.

Learning Environment:

  • Illustrated lecture
  • Open inquiry atmosphere; questions encouraged; high degree of vitality and humor
  • Participants will exchange palpation and practice BodyReading (visual assessment) on one another under supervised analysis of instructor and assistants.

Please Note

Anatomy Trains workshops are frequently modified for particular audiences, such as yoga or Pilates, and these variations would emphasize the movement implications of these continuities over manual technique or other approaches. Please be certain that you are enrolled in the proper format of Anatomy Trains to fit your needs.

DatesMay 14 – 15, 2016
LocationMt. Kisco, NY USA
VenueQuest Yoga Arts
Address11 East Main St.
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
Class Times

10:00am – 6:00pm each day

Teacher(s)Lauri Nemetz
Tuition$400 / $350 by April 10, 2016
Credits Earned14 CEs
Cancellation Fee$50 if cancelled by April 1, 2016, Half tuition thereafter.
ContactLaura Jensen

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