Structural-Visceral Approaches for the Mid-Back, Thorax and Diaphragm Workshop


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  • August 13 – 15, 2015
  • Walpole, ME, USA
  • This course is intended for Manual Therapists.
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Structural-Visceral approaches for the Mid-Back, Thorax & Diaphragm (SVMB) primarily balances membranous tension of the pleura and pericardium within the thoracic cavity. Encouraging optimal mobility between the container and its contents, SVMB correlates basic joint biomechanics of the thoracic spine, ribs and sternum with the underlying organs. The approach is volumetric.

Joint mobilization of the thoracic spine serves as the structural foundation. Soft tissue strain patterns that accompany spinal rotations will be addressed and offset including the musculoskeletal components of joint capsules, spinal ligaments, rotatores, intertransversarii, interspinalis, erector spinae and thoracic fascia. SVMB further sets-up and contextualizes the thoracic and mediastinal cavities within the upper extremities. Segmental differentiation between the thorax and shoulder girdle is emphasized as well as the articular chain’s distal connection into the wrist, hand and fingers.

Maintaining a wide focus on global relationships, membranous continuity of the thorax is contextualized within the adjacent cavities of the abdomen and cranium. Additional visceral structures of interest include the esophageal hiatus, suspensory ligaments of the lungs and the pleural dome.

Pattern recognition of inhalation/exhalation breathing types and improved mobility of the respiratory diaphragm are also primary concerns. The lungs ability to expand and contract unencumbered at the structural-visceral interface is critical to natural breathing.

Appropriate for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, this class offers a ‘Combined Technique’ approach to Fascial Manipulation. Primarily set up in Direct Technique, SVMB takes a respectful and moderate approach to force. With the intention to support, strategically empower and manually evolve your practice, students will develop clinically effective assessment skills and fascial manipulation techniques through lecture, demonstration, supervision and practical hands-on exchanges.

DatesAug 13 – 15, 2015
LocationWalpole, ME, USA
VenueKinesis Classroom
Address180 Clarks Cove Road Walpole, ME 04573
Class Times

9AM – 5PM

Teacher(s)Bruce Schonfeld
Tuition$600 / $550 before July 7th
Credits Earned21 CEs NCBTMB; 21 CEs IASI Cat 2
Cancellation FeeFor cancellations prior to 2 months before class – full refund less $100 admin fee; for cancellations up to 6 weeks prior – 50% refund less $100 fee; Cancellation less than 30 days prior – non-refundable.
ContactBecky or Erin at (888) 546-3747

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