NVR-SI Part 1: Neurovascularly-Informed Structural Integration

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  • April 25 – 27, 2022
  • Longmont, CO, USA
  • This course is intended for Neurovascular Release.
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You’ll be amazed at how transformative NVR techniques are in the context of Structural Integration–so helpful for clients who need an extra nudge to help them emerge from an old structural pattern.

After this course, you’ll want to invite all your “graduated” clients to sign up for a tune-up series that incorporates NVR.

The library of NVR techniques that we progress through in Part 1 of the course series will improve your sense of layer palpation, you’ll gain new strategic approaches for classic problems, your work will become more subtle and more efficient, and you will find yourself using less physical effort.

Techniques learned in this class will help you to address persistent issues such as:

  • forward head posture
  • thoracic outlet related nerve symptoms
  • chronic pain and instability related to spondylolisthesis
  • pelvic torsion and hip issues
  • discomfort and thoracic movement limitations related to scoliosis
  • asymmetrical gait
  • lower-extremity-related chronic low back pain.

New SI graduates may take Part 1 right after being initially certified as a structural integrator, with confidence that they won’t be pulled off track from doing series work. Seasoned practitioners will love the way that NVR enhances their current practice, whether or not they are still doing series work.

If you have already begun studying cranial, visceral, and/or neural work, this class and the rest of the course series will help you to “fill in the gap” on the spectrum of touch between subtle, light-pressure, osteopathic-style work and the broad, deep touch of classic SI.

The osteopathic-style techniques that you learn in this class are presented in the context of the goals that we have as structural integrators. You will find that the myofascial techniques you already know will transform into neurovascular release techniques, as your touch changes and as your mental map of the nerves and vascular system grows.

The $1000 tuition includes small group and private mentoring in addition to the 20 class hours:

        • A one-to-one video call with Kier in preparation for the course.
        • Private fifteen-minute student consultations via Zoom (short mentoring sessions, each focused on one client case, as many as you need, scheduled when you need answers to your questions throughout the year after your course has completed).
      • Online access to videos documenting all the techniques taught in your live course.
        • Student discount on longer 45-minute mentoring sessions via Zoom ($80 instead of $150).
        • A three-month subscription to the NVR Monthly Seminar Series (a total of six hours of live sessions and recordings).

Every month there will be one seminar session scheduled at 9 am Pacific time and another approximately two weeks later at 4 pm Pacific time.

(After the initial three free months, the regular subscription price is $150 per three-month package.)

Overview of the NVR-SI Certification Pathway

Unlike Manual NVR Part 1 (in the course series for manual therapists), which focuses on the neck and upper thorax, Manual NVR-SI Part 1 (in the course series for structural integrators) will provide you with techniques for all regions of the body. This learning pathway seems more useful and practical  for structural integrators.

Three more courses (Parts 2, 3, and 4) allow us to explore thoroughly and dive deeply into working with the vascular network, the peripheral and cranial nerves, and dural restrictions that may be limiting movement.

By the time you have completed Manual NVR-SI Parts 1-4, you will have received all the NVR techniques that are taught in the course series for non-SI practitioners. (The Manual NVR series and the Manual NVR-SI series are equivalent.)

The fifth course in this series (Part 5) is a practicum focused on assessment and application with outside models.

Completing all five Parts of the curriculum leads to Anatomy Trains Advanced Certification in Neurovascular Release for Structural Integration.

DatesApr 25 – 27, 2022
LocationLongmont, CO, USA
Class Times

8:30 am – 5:00 pm on Monday and Tuesday

8:30 am – 4:30 pm on Wednesday

Teacher(s)Kieran (Kier) Schumaker