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New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World by Mary Bond

Tom says: In this book, Mary Bond has accomplished a quite difficult trick: she has made the complex simple. The way we orient in the world – through our feet, hands, eyes, joints, and vestibular system – is marvelously complicated. Mary takes the simple (but profound) insights of Ida Rolf and marries her with the complex (but still profound) insights of French movement specialist Hubert Godard. The result is not so much the new ‘rules’ of ‘posture’ as it is the ‘new opportunities for oriented movement’. Anyone seeking good ‘homework’ assignments for your client will benefit from this book – the awareness exercises are all laid out especially well for easy transfer from the book to your practice. Those seeking a greater understanding of how we learn – on an emotional and spiritual levels, as well as in the body – will find many sample stories and ways of approaching different clients.

Mary’s book is not another book about positioning the body in some newly-discovered postural ‘neutral’ that we need to force ourselves to accept. Mary has done something far more useful: how we can learn to continually develop our own stance in this world, and then use the knowledge to become more useful – to ourselves, to our families, to our clients, and to the world.

Bond identifies the key anatomical features that impact alignment, particularly in light of our modern sedentary lives, and proposes six zones that help create postural changes: the pelvic floor, the breathing muscles, the abdomen, the hands, the feet, and the head. She offers self-help exercises that enable healthy function in each zone as well as information on basic ergonomics and case histories to inspire us to think about our own habitual movements. This book is a resource for Pilates, yoga, and dance instructors as well as healthcare professionals in educating people about postural self-care so they can relieve chronic pain and enjoy all life activities with greater ease.

  • Paperback: 241 pages
  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (2007)


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