Movement-Based Neurovascular Release™ for the Lower Legs: A self-treatment approach for improving support and mobility


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  • June 12 – 12, 2021
  • Online course
  • This course is intended for Neurovascular Release.
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Presented by Kieran Schumaker

Note: To ensure a high quality student experience, registration will close on Friday, June 11th at 8PM EDT.

Rooted and Rising Up: Freeing the Lower Deep Front Line through Neurovascular Release.™ Thank you for the wonderful feedback on our Neurovascular Release webinars for neck, head, and arms! We have listened to your request for lower body classes. Anatomy Trains is now offering three opportunities to learn some lower body NVR™ techniques. All practitioners are invited to attend one or both webinars on the lower leg.

1. The first webinar provides a self-treatment approach that you could teach to clients

2. The second webinar helps you apply the same concepts to working manually with someone else’s legs.

3. If you are a structural integrator, we added a six-hour masterclass for the lower Deep Front Line, which is spread out over three days.

All three offerings will help you to differentiate and fine-tune the fascial layers in the lower leg, improving core support for the arches and articulation of the foot and ankle. In the masterclass you will be working with the psoas, iliacus, and adductor territory, in addition to the lower leg.

In these webinars you will:

Liberate the nerves and vessels associated with the fascial layers, helping change functionality of the deepest muscles and cultivating the following:

  • Better balance on one leg
  • Gain understanding of the interdependent relationship between anterior and posterior compartments of the lower legs
  • Greater resilience and shock absorption through the knee and ankle
  • Release for hallux rigidus (stiff big toe)
  • Reduce plantar fasciitis pain
  • Lift through the arches of the feet
  • Prevent muscle strain in the calf
  • Prevent anterior compartment syndrome
  • Ease transition to minimal shoes
  • Reduce ankle stiffness
  • Invite a spring in your step

The first webinar in this series is: Movement-Based Neurovascular Release™ for the Lower Legs: A self-treatment approach for improving support and mobility.

Webinar schedule: Saturday, June 12, 11 AM – 1 PM EDT

Note: If you cannot attend live, this webinar will be recorded and the recording made available to all registrants for 45 days after the course ends. 

In this two-hour webinar for manual and movement therapists, Kier will guide you to use your hands as tools, combined with foot movements to free up the nerves and vessels that pass between the deep posterior compartment of the lower leg and the more superficial soleus. Kier will also reveal why and how the anterior compartment of the lower leg can become so hypertonic. You will feel greater support through your own legs and will come away with new ideas for working with clients.

Kieran Schumaker is a Board Certified Structural Integrator who specializes in freeing myofascial restriction of nerves and vasculature, with the goal of helping clients to enjoy moving with greater comfort, ease, and agility. Their gentle and specific work can resolve longstanding issues with posture and function. They have studied in depth with several masters, and have a deep appreciation of the science and art of manual therapy. Kier is a Certified Teacher of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and they offer advanced training for manual therapists and structural integrators through their Anatomy Trains supported courses in Neurovascular Release.
DatesJun 12 – 12, 2021
LocationOnline course
Class Times

11 AM – 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Teacher(s)Kieran (Kier) Schumaker
Tuition$100 / or $150 when purchased with June 18th webinar
Credits Earned2 CEs NCBTMB, pending; 2 CEs IASI Cat. 1
Cancellation FeeFor cancellations up to 24 hours before the start of the course, full tuition credit to applied towards a future workshop or product. Cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the course, no refunds.

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