Introduction to Anatomy Trains

£420 if booked before 1/2/20 / £450 thereafter

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  • January 11 – 12, 2020
  • Manchester, UK
  • This course is intended for Manual Therapists & Movement Professionals.
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The Anatomy Trains bodymap lays out the fascia and muscles that are connected in meridians throughout the body.

Learn to map the pattern and shape the change – no matter what your modality in the manual therapy and movement worlds. All of the 12 ‘myofascial meridians’ join the individual muscles into functional complexes – each with a precise anatomy and ‘meaning’ in human posture and movement. Grasp of the Anatomy Trains system leads to practical new strategies to improve stability, coordination, and resolve long-standing dysfunctional patterns.

Workshop Format:

This 2 day workshop spends roughly equal time on 1) lecture/presentation of the concepts and the lines, 2) BodyReading and postural / movement analysis, and 3) stretching, “awakening”, and touch- cueing techniques from our (and your) movement education library.

This course helps you:

  • BodyRead your client’s postural and movement patterns with greater accuracy and integration to get to the cause, not only the symptom.
  • Make global and meaningful changes in your clients’ movement pattern.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand basic properties and connected nature of fascia, and tensegrity design applied to fascia and human movement.
  • A succinct and relevant introduction to the fascial layers, and the properties (and debunk some of the myths) of your body’s connective tissues.
  • Be able to identify and trace the 6 major and 6 supplemental fascial meridians along which movement, tension, and postural distortion travel.
  • Be able to BodyRead postural patterns based on analysis of Anatomy Trains lines.
  • Apply knowledge to construct alternative movement strategies to help unwind and resolve the patterns observed.

Learning Environment:

  • Illustrated lecture.
  • Open inquiry atmosphere; questions encouraged; high degree of vitality and humor.
  • Participants will exchange palpation and practice BodyReading (visual assessment) on one another under supervised analysis of instructor and assistants.

Note:- Please do not make any non-refundable travel arrangements until you have received final confirmation that the workshop is running

DatesJan 11 – 12, 2020
LocationManchester, UK
VenueThe Pilates Rooms
Address34 Station Road, Urmston, Greater Manchester. M41 9JQ
Class Times

9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day

Teacher(s)Fiona Palmer
Tuition£420 if booked before 1/2/20 / £450 thereafter
Cancellation FeeDeposit – 50% - full payment due 4 weeks before course date.
Cancellation more than 4 weeks before – full refund less an admin fee of £50
Cancellation 4 weeks before – No refund. Can transfer to another Fiona Palmer workshop minus £50 administration fee.
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