Anatomy Trains – Third Edition

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The brand new Anatomy Trains book (3rd ed., 317 pp) maps the longitudinal myofascial connections – how the muscles are functionally linked in ‘myofascial meridians’ through the fascial webbing. Anatomy Trains opens a unique window to the anatomy of connection via this book – fully illustrated in 4-color with new anatomy art, fascial dissections, and a host of hands-on and movement applications for various postural and functional patterns. Also included are appendices on Structural Integration protocols based on the Anatomy Trains concept, and a comparison of the myofascial meridians with the meridians of acupuncture.

Over 100,000 of the first two editions have been sold, and the book is available in 12 languages. The 3rd edition – so far available only in English – is a fully updated and user-friendly version of this ‘classic’, including important new findings in recent fascial research, a new section on gait from Anatomy Trains teacher James Earls, and a section on myofascia in fitness training. Uniquely, this new edition includes access to an exclusive website with hours of videos, webinars, and other goodies – and it is constantly updated with new material.

1 review for Anatomy Trains – Third Edition

  1. Juliana de Lacerda

    Anatomy train is indeed a Bible to me. Books are my religion! Medical books are a human right! As a manual therapist, my first potentiality of having face to face with a real body donor in the name of science was hindered due to the loss of my father a week Before lab view on day on for a couple of hours tops opportunity paid by me not reimbursed never would have asked for it has been an opportunity I think about often as I am a body donor too. And I hope I can offer the same service to next generation of scientists. I had lost my father in the mist of that week without having the opportunity to see his body. With videography on dissection, some from American and some German, Anatomy trains has been a fascinating literature and has made me a better manual therapist as it opens ones mind to think locally and apply globally. I love this book, I wish I had had more time to read page by page. Thank you Tom Myers for a delightful easy to digest and often necessary to consume information. verbal message, through my favorite subject. I once thought of the body as a vehicle however I can see the train being the most relevant engine in comparison to machinery.
    Thank you very much!!!!! Many blessing from the universe to you and everyone part of your constellation.

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