Advanced Pelvis and Low Back for LumboPelvic Stability with Tom Myers


  • November 29 – December 1, 2022
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • This course is intended for Courses with Tom Myers.
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This 3-day intensive course with Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, goes above and beyond traditional Anatomy Trains classes. Tom provides advanced assessment, strategy, and myofascial and movement techniques for the lower spine, hip, and sacrum.  Learn how to see and create a balanced ‘neutral’ in the pelvis and expand functional movement in all three movement planes.

This course focuses on balancing deep functional complexes: the two obturator muscles with iliacus, the piriformis with the psoas complex, and easing strain on essential pelvic ligaments.  We will also cover balancing the rib basket and pelvis with attention the the thoracolumbar junction and 12th rib.

This course includes instruction in seated quadratus lumborum and psoas work, techniques for specifying the deep lateral rotators, individual adductors, and pelvic ligaments around the ischiopubic ramus and coccyx. This course also includes exercises and awarenesses to help clients retain the gains they make in sessions.

This course is open to all professionally certified manual therapists willing to work with depth and sensitivity.  Come prepared to give and receive work in these rich and sensitive areas.

DatesNov 29 – Dec 1, 2022
LocationBudapest, Hungary
Teacher(s)Tom Myers
Cancellation Feewithin 6 weeks no refund
ContactViola Varga

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