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ZoyaMarie Jilbere

San Rafael, CA, USA

Ever since I can remember I could see, what I called as a child, “black spots” on people. When I got older, I would touch someone where I saw a “black spot” and ask, “Does it hurt here?” The response 99 percent of the time was, “Yeah, it does! How did you know? I didn’t even know it hurt there until you touched it.” I could only reply, “I don’t know, I just saw a black spot.” As an adult I have come to understand that those spots are places of held energy.

I was always interested in health, fitness, and well-being, so at a later point in my life I began studying the human body. As my life evolved, I began working with people.

In 1992, I started working with bodies professionally as a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT). I had a foundation in Swedish Massage with additional studies in Neuromuscular Release, Sports Massage, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy. Realizing that knowing the biomechanics of movement was an important adjunct to body therapy, I went on to receive a certification in Pilates. I have been teaching Pilates since 1997 and added Gyrotonic TM techniques in 2002. Yoga and Dance have been with me since childhood.

More recent studies include:

  • Structural Integration 2005-2006 (freeing the connective tissue, allowing harmonization within the body)
  • The Franklin Method 2004-2007 (using imagery and kinesthetic experience as a means to educate the design and function of the human body)
  • The MELT Method 2011-2012 (a system to balance neural communication through the body and rehydrate connective tissue as a self-help modality)
  • Osteopathy approaches with Ron Murray 2013-2014 (the pelvis, thorax, and cranium for fine tuning and sensitive listening to the body).

All of these create profound ongoing changes resulting in greater ease in your body and an empowered ownership of your body.

My work now arises from the awakening of possibilities in myself that I have experienced personally with these methods. They have given me a fundamental understanding of the human body that makes sense of the strength training of Pilates, the circular exercises of GYROTONIC(R), the age-old opening that comes with Yoga, Fascial Fitness, and the rhythms of dance which are all blended into my current practice. From my personal embodiment of this wide range of modalities I have become passionate about sharing what I know with my clients and students.

I currently have a practice where I use these various techniques, individually or blended together, creating a modality of body therapy tailored to your specific needs. With this broad base of knowledge and kinesthetic understanding of the human body I apply my unique style to educate and assist you in finding a happier, stronger, healthier body. As well as working one-on-one, I teach movement classes that are educational, bio-mechanically sound, stimulating workouts for both body and mind, and ….. Fun.

As a qualified practitioner, I can still “see” those “black spots”. Now though, I have the means through knowledge and experience to alleviate the held energy as well as guide you to melt your own “spots”. When your structure has balance, these points of held energy can fade. You will achieve a body with better ease, better function, and have a greater awareness of yourself. With this, you can experience unity within your body!

Life can be full and beautiful. Let’s enjoy it with a happy body.

When I am not working with clients and students I love to travel and a favorite location are the beaches in Kauai. I love to listen to music, to dance, to dance Argentine Tango in particular, make homemade soups and creative salads, to garden, to cuddle with my two Weiner dogs, to spend time with my daughters and be in the open spaces of Marin County with my husband, Igino.

Website: www.zoyamarie.com

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