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Yaron Fink CST, CSI

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Yaron Fink first encountered the Oriental art of Holistic Medicine as a member of the Israeli Judo National team when, in 1987, he was invited to Japan to practice Judo with the Wasada University team. Over the last three decades he has continued to develop his Holistic practice and his close ties with Japan. Yaron maintains a deep conviction that eastern philosophy and a holistic approach to body and mind, can alleviate much of the emotional and physical strain and suffering increasingly present in contemporary society. His influences also include Yoga, Tai Chi and Aikido.

In 2000 Yaron commenced his Shiatsu studies with Senior Teacher Tzvika Calisar, founder of the Seiki Meridian Shiatsu Method. It was through this meeting that he later travelled to Japan to study for over 7 years with Master Ryokyu Endo, the founder of the Tao Shiatsu method. The Seiki Shiatsu teaching and treatment methods are rooted in 4000 years of Oriental Medicine and promote the self-healing power of the receiver and the giving heart of the practitioner.

In developing his holistic practice, Yaron has repeatedly encountered and successfully treated professional athletes with sports related injuries. In 2008 he met Tomas Myers, the renowned author of the revolutionary book, Anatomy Trains-Myofascial Meridians, and founder of Kinesis which led him to study Structural Integration in the UK and USA under the direct supervision of Thomas Myers. Yaron has completed this study successfully and is a fully certified Structural Integrator.

Myofascial treatment integrates the holistic approach of body and mind with cutting edge research in the field of Modern Anatomy. The therapeutic value is seen in all of us, but most particularly in athletes, the elderly and pre and post surgical patients.

Yaron is also a 3rd level register practitioner with the Barral institute for visceral manipulation.

Yaron is the director of the Seiki Meridian Shiatsu International Society branch of North America. He is a Shiatsu and Structural Integration practitioner, and an advanced Seiki Shiatsu teacher who combines Structural Body work, visceral manipulation, movement therapy and Shiatsu in his sessions.

Yaron maintains private practices in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Yaron is a register member of:

  • IASI International Association of Structural integration
  • IAHE- International Association of health care Practitioners
  • SSO- Shiatsu Society of Ontario
  • SMSI- Seki Meridian Shiatsu International

Website: https://mh-clinic.net

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