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Vernita D. Leins

Bangor, ME, USA

When I was a girl, my invalid grandmother told me that I should become a nurse. Instead I became an English teacher, owned a health food store, and for 20 years worked professionally in a social service agency. Life changed and I found myself learning and practicing Reiki, qigong, qi healing followed by massage training. In 2011 I added Structural Integration to my repertoire and continue each year to add to my skills and knowledge. Coming full circle, grandmother was almost right!

Owning QiGong Studio with my husband allows me freedom in how I function within my practice. Being a slow breather, I bring this attitude into both my schedule and my sessions. When a person enters my session room, they are already running on full throttle. I encourage the client achieve a more calmed state before they get onto the table. When the mind begins to relax so then does the body making it less tense and ready to receive. Having a peaceful mind and body for the session and resting a few minutes after the session integrates and deepens the overall experience and invites the healing process more profoundly into one’s life. The client also learns simple self-practices, which they can incorporate into their day to assist them in returning to and in maintaining a more harmonious presence.

Our busy paced schedules with most running in a fight or flight mode is not the normal human condition our body and mind have evolved into being. Healing may sometimes happen on the run but if we really want emotional and structural change, it is important to slow down and listen to what our bodies and spirit are communicating to us. Unfortunately, because we have been lured away from our natural state, we must now relearn how to listen and how to respond. This takes time, self-discipline, and real desire. Not everyone is ready or willing to step into this journey but for those who are, the rewards are well worth the effort!

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