• KMI Structural Integration; Traditional Acupuncture; Chinese Herbal Medicine; Integrative Bodywork; Intraoral Massage; Myofascial Bodywork; Obstetric Acupuncture & Bodywork. Areas of Special Interest Joint, muscle pain and injury; post-operative recovery; sports conditioning; postural alignment; neurological and respiratory disorders; Emotional health Women's Health Pre/post-natal health and recovery TMJ, jaw and neck problems, bruxism, teeth grinding, headaches, migraines, whiplash; dental work.

Tyler Cornelius

Devon, UK

I came to my career through a boundless fascination with the human body and how it worked. I first trained in Holistic massage and, interested in how I could affect health in a far more fundamental way, enrolled to train on a 5 year BSc Hons degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine degree in 1999. In 2004, this qualified me to practice Acupuncture and its supplementary therapies and to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine. And so began what is now a lifelong love, study and practice of the medicine.

I went on to study remedial bodywork as so many of my clients required a depth of skills to deal effectively with their pain and musculoskeletal complaints. I enjoy treating this, but found it the hardest to address long-term. I trained in Sports/Remedial massage and Tuina, but found that it wasn’t whole-body focused and the stroke often felt wasteful. I then did some training in Myofascial Bodywork and this felt ‘righter’. I also put myself through a S.I series and I found it to be really effective for my own discomforts and was also amazed at its effects on my emotions, energy and visceral balance.

I like the whole-body approach/ non-separation of the mind and body in Structural Integration: it feels similar to Chinese Medicine in that way. It is another elegant therapy whose theories and practice are fundamentally based on the relationship between energy and health.

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