• KMI Structural Integration 12 SeriesMoyfascial Release for Structural Balance

Therese Hansen

Bergen, Norway

Therese started out her carrier as a massage therapist in 2002. As word of mouth made her practice grow and she started to develop a professional environment by hosting workshop for local teachers, she also attracted more therapists searching for professional development and the ones that were just as eager as her self, started eventually working with her. She started out alone; 14 years later she runs 2 departments in Bergen, Norway with 10 therapists engaged.

2010 was a life changing year for her, discovering Thomas Myers and Anatomy Trains. This holistic way of seeing the body became the light for her to follow and made significant transformations both as a human and as a therapist. She started to sponsor all Kinesis Inc & Kinesis UK workshops in Norway for Thomas Myers & James Earls. She arranged for 2 groups of Norwegian therapists to become Structural Bodywork Certified and in 2016 the 3rd group started.

Therese graduated as a KMI structural Integrator in Oxfordshire in 2016, after 6 years in the process. Structural Integration 12 series made the puzzle pieces fall into place and she knows that she will keep integrating the art of bodywork as her life evolves.

Therese loves to welcome clients of all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking to enhance your athletic career, correct a structural problem or simply be more comfortable in your own Body and Mind.

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