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Theres Maibach

Theres holds a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and computer engineering and is an experienced Structural Integrator from the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration training school.

Working with unimaginative machines disappointed her after a while. She then switched over to physical therapy and started working with human beings. Fascinated by their characteristics, particularities and personal stories she felt more comfortable in the world of bodywork than in the IT world.

To improve her skills she postgraduated in biomechanics and learned Triggerpoint Therapy to better treat muscle problems. When she got to know Anatomy Trains, her need to think analytically – having been a computer engineer – was fulfilled for the first time. She also noticed that with this approach there was room to recognize a person as a whole and to achieve fundamental changes and therefore much better results than before.

Becoming an ATSI practitioner was a merging together of her two professions and her passion for humans.

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