• Structural Integration, Lymph Drainage, Deep Tissue, Visceral Manipulation, Cranial Sacral, Heart Centered Therapy, Certified Robbins-Madanes Life and Weight loss Coach, Thai Massage, Yoga Instructor, Movement Coach

Susan Knutowicz

Big Island Hawaii, Kona and Ka'u, HI, USA

Life is truly what we make it. Over time we are shaped essentially by what drives us and what stops us. Susan Knutowicz is committed to helping those fulfill their missions in life by restoring mobility where freedom is needed in the physical body as well as growth through challenge in a wide variety of ways. She works with clients in a fun and interesting way to resolve limitations so that they can enjoy the spark of themselves and in turn radiate that sparkle to others.

Susan resides and practices on the Island of Hawaii and is also available for movement, weight loss and life coaching via Skype. She intends to bring the power of efficiency and mobility through her own easy to use movement series soon.