• Structural Integration (IASI Board Certified)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Positional Release
  • Ballignment

Susan Carbin-Hardee

Brattleboro, VT, USA

The human body is Susan’s life work. With a graduate degree in body-mind psychology, thirty years of massage therapy practice, and a lifelong interest in dance, yoga and movement, she has built a private practice called Embodi and now brings the substantial addition of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration to her practice.

Fundamental to the Embodi bodywork style is a belief in the profound intelligence and wisdom of each human being. Susan wants you to leave your sessions not only feeling better, but knowing more, and knowing how to help yourself with the challenges of living in a body.

“KMI now influences my work deeply. Working this way, so much in the fascial realm, I see the sessions literally create space for the essence of a person to shine through. Someone once called it a “blooming of the organism”. When I work with you we become a team with focus and commitment, beyond the everyday kind, as the body regains its effortlessness in gravity. There are no miracles, but instead an organic re-balancing and shifting in the deep tissues of your body breath by breath by breath.”

Clients report less achiness, less nagging in the old tight spots. One client recently said, “I just keep finding everything getting easier.”

“It is a privilege and a joy to incorporate KMI Structural Integration into my Embodi practice with those people who choose to trust me on the path to wholeness.”

To compliment the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration series, Susan has developed a series of workshops called the EmbodiBall Theraputics. The program design is in keeping with Structural Integration principles of fascial continuity and tensegrity. Clients and students are instructed, usually while sitting or lying on the floor, on how to strategically yield one’s body weight onto small balls, targeting the fascial web for improved alignment, hydration and release.

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