Simone Lindner

New York, NY, USA

Simone Lindner has been passionate about bodywork for as long as she can remember. Born in Germany, she became a world traveler at an early age, and has spent time in Spain, Africa, the Australian outback, and the Caribbean. During her travels, Simone developed her bodywork abilities, along with ease in working with many different cultures, ages, and bodytypes. A “people person” and globalist, Simone believes in changing the world one body at a time by awakening kinesthetic intelligence in all people, and thus, their ability to heal themselves.

When teaching classes and doing bodywork, Simone draws from her love of anatomy and movement, as well as her love of scuba diving, the ocean, running, dancing, and being a mother. She now runs a successful practice at her Healing Center in New York City, where she offers Yoga Classes by certified Yoga teachers and Introductory Classes to Anatomy Trains. As a practitioner, Simone works deeply, slowly, and sensitively with each individual body pattern to free restrictions, reduce pain, improve breathing, and fill in one’s body image to promote self healing.

Simone began assisting Tom Myers in 2002 and obtained her certification as a Kinesis teacher in 2005. As a teacher, Simone is comfortable working with many types of people. She bonds and communicates easily with her students, who range from personal trainers to yoga teachers, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and chiropractors. Bringing intuition, humor, and a non-linear approach to the classroom, Simone is able to make even the most complicated anatomy work accessible and real to her students. She is a team worker, dedicated to creating a community of sensitive and informed practitioners and teachers.

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