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Sheila Skipworth

Findlay, US

“One of the things that is most impressive about KMI Structural Integration is that until we begin this kind of bodywork we have no idea the depth, level of pain, pressure, and tension we are carrying in our bodies because we are so used to it”, quote from one of Sheila’s clients.

More than any other kind of bodywork, KMI Structural Integration shifts how you live in your body. KMI will help you develop wisdom about yourself. It will help you understand how habitual stances and other body postures can either cause or intensify chronic sources of pain and discomfort.

Sheila is among those who have experienced the life changing benefits from the KMI 12-series. When Sheila signed up for KMI training she was looking for KMI to cure or significantly help her arthritic knees. Sheila had been suffering with osteoarthritis for 2 decades and was facing a sentence of life long gradual degeneration, debilitation, and loss of being able to participate in valued activities.

KMI has been a turning point in her arthritis recovery. Her knees now have significantly less inflammation and stiffness and are significantly more resilient. She is capable of once again fully participating in life activities. Sheila’s healing came from the better structural alignment and body awareness she gained through her KMI Structural bodywork 12-series and KMI training.

Sheila is in business to help you discover your own structural healing. Sheila has extra insight into this work because of her own significant structural changes. She knows how it can change your life to release long-term patterns of strain. Releasing strain allows your true structure and nature to emerge. When this shift happens a whole new world of possibilities unfolds.

Sheila enjoys movement with her regular yoga practice, hiking, biking, and summer in-line skating. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years and a teacher for the last 6. She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher. Sheila has an additional 3 levels of yoga teacher training with Tias Little from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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