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Sheila Skipworth

Findlay, OH, USA

Tired of the same old massage? Structural Integration is something different. Structural Integration takes bodywork to a new level by getting to the root of your problem. During your Structural Integration sessions Sheila will work to solve your problems once and for all!

Sheila is among those who has experienced the life changing benefits from the ATSI (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration) 12-series. When Sheila signed up for ATSI training she had been working as a systems developer for 18 years and was feeling it. Her shoulders were rolled in and her upper back had that computer hunch. Along with the desk posture she also has scoliosis which paired with her posture caused constant
pain between the shoulder blades.

With ATSI Sheila got the freedom she was seeking! She has been a Structural Integrator since 2008 and now that she is retired from her desk job, she has gone from a full-time System Integrator to a full-time Structural Integrator and has found her life’s purpose. Sheila is located in Northwest Ohio and is in business to help you discover your own structural healing. She combines her Structural Integration practice with her yoga background by giving targeted yoga stretches that will complement your treatment. She works to release strain to allow your true structure and nature to emerge. When this shift happens a whole new world of possibilities unfolds.

Sheila has advanced training with Tom Myers and other teachers such as Neurovascular Release with Kier Schumaker, Neural Mobilization with Johnathon Martine, specialized scoliosis trading Dave Davis and Sharon Wheeler, and Cranial and Scar Training with Sharon Wheeler. See more about her at her website: www.spatialtherapy.com.

Sheila enjoys movement with her regular yoga practice, hiking, biking, and summer in-line skating. She has been practicing yoga for over 26 years. She has been a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher since 2002. In addition to her RYT Sheila has 4 additional levels of yoga teacher training with Tias Little in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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