Sean O’Leary

London, UK

I obtained a Bachelor of Science with majors in Human Movement and Psychology at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. During this period I achieved a national swimming ranking for the 50 metres Freestyle before a shoulder injury interrupted my attempt to make the Olympic team. I then began to help others with their physical pursuits by teaching and coaching swimming, as a Personal Trainer and teaching Pilates. I have also played Australian rules football, water polo and triathlons at a high level. However, injuries continued to limit my progress in my endeavours. This led to an exhaustive search for treatments and exercise routines to correct imbalances.

It was not until I received my first series of KMI treatments that I could feel more permanent ease and lasting freedom in my body. This inspired me to become a KMI practitioner in 2006. I have since completed the KMI series with a diverse range of individuals including celebrity clients in music and film, elite athletes, and children. I have particular interest in individuals
that who have also lived with chronic pain for years and unsuccessfully tried many conventional approaches. I continue to work as a personal and group trainer using yoga, pilates with Tom’s Anatomy Trains as a unique approach to achieving shape and balance. Check out my website at

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