• Structural integration, visceral manipulation

Ryan Flowers

Rhinebeck, NY, USA

Ryan is a Board Certified Structural Integration practitioner and graduate of Kinesis in 2005. He was previously a massage therapist licensed and practicing in NYC. Since 2005 he has maintained a private practice in Structural Integration in Rhinebeck, NY. Ryan has continued to expand upon his manual skills and perspective in the field of osteopathic manipulation with Rolfers Christoph Sommer & Pilar Martin and French Osteopaths Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O. & Alain Crobier, D.O. He is devoted to the exploration of refined and intelligent manipulation, working with the complexities of the human form and our experience within it. Ryan is also an instructor at the Westchester branch of the Finger Lakes School of Massage where he shares his passion in the sciences teaching Pathology, Connective Tissue Therapy and Medical Massage. Ryan’s focus in practice has been on athletic performance, injury rehabilitation, chronic pain conditions and developmental challenges surrounding ideopathic scoliosis in children.

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