• Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Structural Integration

Rodger Davis

London, UK

A significant proportion of my professional life has been spent in architectural private practice through which I have developed strong skills in design through an innate practical leaning. My professional life apart I have long held an interest in sport, tennis in particular, and started considering sport-based interests and possible practice opportunities about eight years ago. From that position I qualified as a sports massage therapist in 2004.

Massage has been interesting, but it was by introduction to the Anatomy Trains structural integration concept and KMI in 2007 that I realised the potential for more productive work, perhaps better performance and lasting bodywork results for my clients. Significantly I believe I also quickly understood the correlation between engineering in architecture and the human body, e.g. the tensegrity structure. So, here was the opportunity to develop an acquired skill in a new and exciting direction. What pleasure that promises! My home based practice is in Camden Town, London, NW1.

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