• Structural Integration

Rod MacLeod, RMT CSI

Scarborough, Canada

Rod was born in Sudbury, Ontario and worked in the mines as a hard rock miner during his late High School and early University days. He was picked up by the Regular Officer Training Program while at Laurentian University earning his Honours B.A. He served 7 years with the army, rising to the rank of Captain with the 3rd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment. While in the army he served as a UN Peacekeeper in Cyprus, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria . After his honourable discharge, he started his own company building homes for 14 years before his 20 year career as a financial advisor. His hobbies include sailing, cycling, downhill skiing, reading and travel.

In his own words:
Trouble with my left knee led me to San Francisco 3 years ago and the School for Self-Healing. I was introduced to many new concepts like sitting at computer all day was bad for you! This was my introduction to studying about the body, anatomy and physiology and massage. When I returned, I enrolled at the renowned Sutherland Chan School of Massage in a full time, 2200 hours program which I graduated from in June 2011. I immediately enrolled in a 1 year course of Structural Integration with KMI and Tom Myers. The effectiveness of Structural Integration in relieving the chronic pain of my left knee made me want to share this with others by becoming a certified structural body worker.

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