Pat Gates

Cleveland, OH, USA

Pat is a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Structual Integrator and Worker’s Compensation Provider. Pat became interested in bodywork after she took her first Reiki class in 1996 and worked through the ensuing years to the level of Reiki Master. During that time she volunteered at a local Reiki clinic working with clients suffering from life threatening illnesses. As fulfilling as this was, there was something missing. In May of 1999, Pat enrolled in the Cleveland School of Massage to learn to do massage for relaxation. She worked part time doing massage while continuing to work full time in the business world until 2001. It was after 9/11 and 16 years in the business world that she felt compelled to go back to school to get her license. She graduated from the National Institute of Massotherapy in September 2002 and received her license in January 2003. During her training as a Massage Therapist she was introduced to Tom Myers’s book, Anatomy Trains. His worked resonated with her so much that she felt driven to take both his Anatomy Trains and KMI classes. Pat completed the 500-hour KMI course in May 2005. Pat loves her work as a Massage Therapist; however, KMI gives her an opportunity to work with the whole person, integrating and balancing them so that they may feel more complete.

Pat has been a massage program adjunct instructor since 2006. Her KMI experience is invaluable in this setting with regards to body reading and treatment

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