• Structural Integration, Nursing, Health Counseling

Milree Keeling, RN, CNM, BCSI

Leominster, MA, USA

Milree brings many years’ experience as a holistic nurse and midwife to the first KMI Structural Integration practice in Central MA. We are not separate from our bodies; they contain and express all we are and all we can be. From the person who finds a little more space and ease as he moves through her daily life, to the athlete wanting to reach her full potential, to the worker whose job hurts his body, all persons can be more “at home” in their bodies. SI is a fundamental tool for life. Milree’s goal is to bring the gift of SI to her community. Milree personally discovered the joys of aerobic fitness and sport in midlife; she understands that peak performance reflects the integration of the whole being in the body, and can’t be reached as the sum effort of isolated parts. Her understanding of health challenges and childbearing enables deeply individualized work with all kinds of clients.

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