Michael Shapiro


Huntington, NY, USA

Michael Shapiro is a highly skilled integrative clinician, coach, and consultant specializing in structural integration, acupuncture, manual and movement therapies for the resolution of pain, performance enhancement and elevating human potential. Michael directs a mobile practice serving New York City’s five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester. You can usually find Michael where he spends most of his time, his flourishing practices in Greenwich Village, NYC, and Huntington, NY.

Although a New Yorker born and raised, Michael’s approach has been influenced by his background in East Asian culture and medicine. From his studies in East Asian Medicine, Michael draws from its ancient wisdom, yet keeps his work rooted in evidence based medicine.

Michael has more than five years experience in the field of touch therapies and has been running a successful private practice for just as long. Michael works with clients from all walks of life with a desire to upgrade their mind, body, and spirit. Many of which are athletes and performers looking to get that competitive edge. For his clients who aren’t performing at elite levels, their common thread is their athletic spirit. They have the drive to always stay active and be the best they can be, striving to be as healthy as possible and in control of their wellbeing.

Since the beginning of Michael’s career, he has dedicated a great deal of time advancing his skills in all aspects of his work. Michael has formal training many therapeutic and transformational modalities, his most highly noted include; nerve mobilization, neurokinetic therapy, manual lymph drainage, active isolated stretching, and sports medicine acupuncture.

In addition to his extensive background participating in professional development and continuing education courses, Michael is also an assistant teacher for fascial release courses of the post-graduate professional training program Sports Medicine Acupuncture, as well as an assistant teacher for level 1 NeuroKinetic Therapy™courses.

Aside from the academic involvement in his fields, Michael is also an active member of the following professional organizations:

• International Association of Structural Integrators
• American Acupuncture Council
• National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
• Acupuncture Society of New York
• American Massage Therapy Association

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