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Marylee Bussard

Chicago, IL, USA

I began practicing bodywork in 2000, after a series of yoga injuries led me to physical therapy. In my case, it was hyper-mobility, a condition of being too flexible, which contributed to my injuries. Pilates showed me the importance of balancing flexibility and muscular strength and I soon became certified to teach Pilates mat and apparatus classes. Since then, I have observed hundreds of bodies over thousands of Pilates sessions. In 2009, I graduated from the Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago, and in 2013 I became certified in KMI Structural Integration. I am co-author, with Evan Osar, of the forthcoming book, “The Functional Anatomy of Pilates,” available through Lotus Publishing. My passion is working with physical therapists, chiropractors, and physicians to coordinate exercise and manual therapy regimens that help clients achieve sustained results. In my Pilates and Structural Bodywork sessions, I lead you on a journey of kinesthetic self-discovery where curiosity and insight come alive through movement, touch, and verbal cues. As you sense and observe your body in motion, you build postural strength and muscular balance and experience greater ease of movement both on the mat and in your every day life.

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