• Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Yoga

Lynn Morrison

Portland, OR, USA

My interest in the body and well-being has been on-going for many years. After completing my B.S. in Nutrition, I worked as a physical therapist aide in Aspen, CO. I then spent the next 15 years leading month-long wilderness expeditions throughout the Rocky Mountain region, Alaska, Mexico and Chile. During these expeditions, traveling with backpacks, kayaks or climbing gear, I worked to keep myself and others healthy and injury free. I would practice yoga wherever I was and often gave some form of bodywork to co-workers. I was interested in the body continuing to perform and curious about patterns and recurring injuries — I realized that there had to be more to learn to understand it all.

I became a registered yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist. But, I still longed for more tools in understanding how to assist clients in decreasing pain. How could they find more freedom of movement? What was the source of their discomfort?

Since completing my structural integration training with KMI, I have a better understanding of patterns present in my clients. My work is informed by craniosacral therapy, yoga therapy, and structural integration. My clients include athletes, musicians, physical therapists, business people and others. Together we work to create more space in the joints, ease and awareness in movement and length in relation to gravity.

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