• KMI Structural Integration; Therapeutic Bodywork; Reiki; Certified Yoga Teacher

Linda Harmon

Marston Mills, MA, USA

I was certified in KMI Structural Integration in 1999 and I have maintained a bodywork practice since 1988. I practice both the classic 12 session KMI process and a freestyle form of structural bodywork.

The essence of KMI is that as restrictions in the connective tissues (fascia) are freed, so are restrictions in the body image (one’s perception of self) freed. At its heart, KMI is a passionate exploration of what it means to be human. My work with clients involves ascertaining how limitations in movement and body image impact their lives in ways that create strain patterns in their bodies. We work together to create a freer range of movement in their bodies which can have profound effects in not only the physical self but also in the spirit and psyche.

I have a private practice in Waquoit at Muscular Therapy Associates where I practice KMI, Integrative Bodywork, and Reiki. I also have a KMI practice at the Centerville Yoga and Wellness Studio . I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and teach Hatha Yoga for beginners at Centerville Yoga.

In 2006, I released a CD, “Dare to Name Your Body Beautiful”, which is a series of poems and meditations about beauty and body image. I am also a published author (IASI Journal 2004) and several issues of Cape Healing Arts Magazine.

My professional affiliations are with the ABMP and IASI. I trained at the Kinesis School with Tom Myers, the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, have an M.Ed in Holistic Health Education from Lesley College and a B.A. in Sociology from Ohio State University.

Please feel free to contact me at 508/560-1503.

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