• Perpetuating the aging athlete.

Larry Geoghgan

Natick, MA, USA

Within a few months of graduation from the Massage Institute of New England, I met with the teachings of Tom Myers and my work has never been the same since. Tom’s approach to the human form was just the medium to answer so many of the problems presented in my busy sports related practice. How to limit recuring injuries through whole body treatment plans, as opposed to sight-pecific solutions, has enabeled so many of my clients to enjoy greater mobility, prolonged performance and an enhanced state of well being. These perspectives have aided a population from elite athletes, desk jockeys to Moms recovering from housewive’s hips. Since 1985, the concepts I have learned in my studies of Structural Integration and Visceral Manipulation with Tom and his wonderful collegues have polished the lens through which I view my clients and so much of our world.

I grew up a farmer on a real farm outside of Boston and have enjoyed a lifetime spent outdoors. Be it biking, skiing, motorcycling, boating, digging fence post holes or eating ice cream, my best memories have been formed by adventures with my beloved family and friends as we enjoy all our bodies have to offer.

Your body is the vehicle in which we experience our lives. Nothing will bring you greater joy or more profound dissapointment than your own self. Get to know them, take care of them and have a blast living in yourself.

I look forward to helping you explore your personal relationship with gravity. Larry G.

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