• Yoga
  • Structural Integration

Kyra Ahlstrom

Portland, OR, USA

Kyra loves this work. A student and teacher of yoga since 2007, her interest in the body and its movement systems led her to massage school in 2009. A further fascination with structural work prompted her to pursue an ATSI certification, which she completed in 2013. She works with yogis, aerialists, dental hygienists, people with chronic pain, musicians, and anyone who simply wants to feel better in their body. Kyra’s father, free of injuries and physical ailments at 69 years of age, received an ATSI series and commented, “I already felt good…but now I feel great!” It is her hope that all her clients emerge with such verve after experiencing the work! Kyra admires the ATSI system for its remedial capabilities as well as its capacity to enhance general wellbeing, and this respect and enthusiasm for the work continually motivate her as a practitioner.

When she is not happily in her office or on the yoga mat, Kyra loves to be outside, especially in deserts or near the ocean. She also loves to dance, practice handstands, bake cookies, and read voraciously.