Kitt Guaraldi

Portland, OR, USA

Kitt Guaraldi graduated from Kinesis 4 years ago. Since then she’s worked in Massachusetts with Yaron Gal Carmel and assisted at several Anatomy Trains mini- workshops with Tom Myers. She moved from Boston to Portland, OR two years ago to attend the National College of Natural Medicine, NCNM, the oldest college of natural medicine in the country. When she is not in class or at the clinic with patients, Kitt now sees her own clients for KMI. For her, Structural Integration is a deep awareness, an almost magical means to bring people home to their bodies. Blending hands-on bodywork and movement techniques, she finds that strain patterns ease out of the body and clients walk away feeling like they are once again themselves. Ultimately Kitt plans to integrate Structural Integration into her naturopathic medical practice, optimizing health and well-being from the inside-out and outside-in.

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