Kevin Moran

Newburyport, MA, USA

I searched many years to find a profession that fit me best, but it seems Structural Integration found me. I have a passion for this work. I geek out over the wonder of the human form. I am humbled each time I work with a client, as I am constantly learning from each and every session. I’ve been thoroughly trained by some of the best in the business. I graduated from a wonderful program inspired by Thomas Myers of Kinesis Inc., and I later became board certified through the International Association of Structural Integrators.

Each of us live with what I call Echoes of Insult or Injury. Our body of today is largely the product of the influences of our yesterdays and I am no different. During the course of my training, I’ve come to realize my body has been struggling within a “tissue tornado” with everything fighting each other, just to keep me upright. The freedom I now enjoy has changed my perception of my past, my enjoyment of my present, and my hope for the future. It is my aim to help others along their transformation.