• Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Kevin Hieber

Elkhart, IN, USA

As a college athlete, I was injured playing football. Due to the extent of the injury, medical professionals recommended surgery. Being a young man and not wanting to drastically alter the structure of my body, I began investigating alternate treatment methods. This journey led me down many avenues in the medical field. I started as an emergency medical technician (EMT), then went on to paramedic training in ground and air ambulance work. This led me to train in hyperbaric therapy, massage therapy, visceral manipulation, structural integration, and many other therapeutic modalities. One of the most valuable things this education has taught me is to find the source of the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms. The Structural Integration 12 series provides a recipe that focuses on the whole body and finds the root of the problem instead of chasing symptoms. Along with Myo-Facial Release, Active Release Techniques, NeuroKinetic Therapy, and other bodywork techniques, the Structural Integration 12 series help your body work the way it was designed. Whether you are an athlete, factory worker, or business professional, your body was beautifully designed to carry you through life. Life, unfortunately, often causes damage to that design. Here at Restorative Spot, we offer a complete biohacking therapeutic treatment center and would be glad to tailor treatments to your specific needs. Helping you discover the root of your pain, and correcting that problem, instead of chasing the pain with temporary fixes. Many years have gone by since that initial injury I suffered in college. I am still physically active and pain-free and never had that surgery.

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