• Certified Structural IntegrationistCertified Flexibility Therapist

Kathleen Mary

Cave Creek, AZ, USA

The language of the human body is something that Kathleen has been observing, studying and coaching for over two decades as she comes to Structural work from a 20+ year career as a theatre director and acting coach. In addition to 9 years of private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kathleen is also part of a team of specialized therapists working with the alternative cancer and healing center, An Oasis Of Healing in Mesa, Arizona.

Over the past 4 years as the fascial integrator at An Oasis of Healing, Kathleen has developed methods for merging Structural Integration into a detoxifying protocol for the body’s fascial system that is specific to, but not limited to, the unique needs of those working to free their bodies of chronic illness. Working with cancer patients and those with a wide variety of medical conditions and restrictions including ports, picc lines, surgical scarring, emotional wrapping, and compromised body systems are all parts of her protocol. So whether you are experiencing mild postural discomfort or pain or are hoping to find your way back to health through cleansing and detoxifying your fascial system, this SI protocol will help you achieve your goals..

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