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Kate MacPhee

North Conway, NH, USA

Kate Brustin MacPhee has devoted the past eighteen years immersed in the field of natural health and healing. Awakened by a congenital spine deformity, she set out on her quest to find the most comprehensive system of healing for herself. Her practice and teaching led her to study with masters countrywide in the fields of nutrition, yoga, energy work and bodywork. She had a nutritional counseling practice in Savannah, Georgia. She has practiced and taught yoga for the past twelve years, traveling around the country to attend trainings and workshops. Kate completed massage school in Colorado and had a successful practice in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for three years before moving to New Hampshire seven years ago.

Her most recently study includes completion of the KMI structural integration training with Tom Myers. KMI combines the brilliant work of Ida Rolf (commonly known as Rolfing) with anatomist and advanced Rolfer Tom Myers’ work with myofascial continuities. This is the basis of Tom’s groundbreaking book, Anatomy Trains. Kate’s personal, physical and emotional transformation from receiving KMI sessions ten years ago had her hooked on this form of bodywork. She had the honor and opportunity to study directly with Tom and immersed herself in this form of bodywork.

This dynamic approach to working with fascia helps her clients by restoring postural balance and its relationship to gravity. Kate has found this to be the most effective treatment for chronic pain and dysfunction.

In her holistic approach to working with the body, Kate also offers yoga and movement re-education to support the standard structural integration process. Her broad base of knowledge and conscientious work help her clients take great strides in their own healing.

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Yoga and movement since 1996
Massage therapist since 1999
KMI certified Structural Integrator since 2008
IASI Board certified Structural Integrator since 2009

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